What is an eligibility criterion or qualifications of the Horse Racing Contenders

A game becomes more interesting as the competition becomes stiffer and more difficult to predict the winner. The US horse racing contenders are selected to ensure that even the horse that wins is give very tough challenge. Trainers and jockeys spend a lot of time preparing their horses for the challenge races and the final horse racing events and they are also contenders and their names are usually published alongside those of the winning horses. Horse racing contenders are usually subjected into a series of qualifying games before they are allowed to participate in the final race. There are different horse races and some of them attach qualifications to the contenders who are allowed to participate in the event.

Most qualifications are based on age and sex. Others may require horse racing contenders from particular state; others from only the United States while others may accept interested contenders from various parts of the world. It is important to note that contenders in horse racing refer to the horses themselves and not the jockey nor its trainer. The majority of the horse contenders, jockeys and trainers are mostly males but there are female horse contenders and female jockeys and trainers who give their male counterparts a lot of challenge. Whenever you want to bet on horse racing contenders, you should select the unpopular horses but those which have a reasonable probability of winning. This is so because the popular horses attract very many bettors and many odds o0f winning but offer less returns on your bet.

The horse racing contenders need to be trained at a place with almost the same altitude with the place where the racing event will be held. You should hire a good and experienced trainer if you intend to participate in the in any US horse racing event because you will meet other anxious and determined well trained horse racing contenders and winning is never easy. You should have sufficient knowledge on the foods that are approved and recommended to be fed on horse racing contenders; the competition is usually very stiff and a hungry or over fed horse cannot meet the challenge and cannot obviously win.